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Increased Empathy and Helping Behavior Toward the Mother in Daughters of Holocaust Survivors

A new study by Sarit Alkalay, Abraham Sagi-Schwartz and Hadas Wiseman from Israel, published in the journal “Traumatology” this past July, reports interesting findings regarding daughters of (child) Holocaust survivors. The study showed that greater factual knowledge about the mother’s Holocaust experiences was associated with elevated internal feelings of empathy towards her, and also with external empathic responses toward the… READ MORE>>

2GNYC Meeting To Be Rescheduled

Apologies that, due to unforeseen circumstances, today’s 2GNYC meeting had to be cancelled at short notice.  I will post here the new schedule, once the meeting has been rescheduled for a future date. Irit Felsen

Free Webinar Series About 2G Dealing with Loss of Their Parents

During the fall of 2018, I presented a six-part Webinar series and discussion group, entitled “Grief and Renewal After the Loss of a Holocaust Survivor“, which was sponsored by MJHS. Recordings of the six sessions are available and can be listened to online for free. More information is available by clicking on the image below, which will take you to… READ MORE>>

4th meeting, 2GNYC Discussion Group: “Growing up in the Shadow of the Holocaust”

Presentation Date: 09/08/19
Location: Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at New York University, located at 7 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003

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The next meeting of the group will take place as scheduled, next Sunday, September 8th from 2-4pm at the NYU Bronfman Center, 7 East 10th Street. Hope to see you… READ MORE>>

My Recently Published Paper on Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma

I am happy to share my most recent paper, entitled “Patient and Psychotherapist Meeting in Shared Intergenerational Transmission of Genocidal Trauma”, which has been published this past month by the journal Psychoanalysis, Self and Context in its online version and will appear in the hard copy issue in the spring. You can download a copy of the accepted version of… READ MORE>>

Today: A Very Moving All-Day 2GNYC Event for Children and Descendants of Survivors

Thank you to all who joined us for a truly moving day today at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, to the Museum Director, Jack Kliger who honored us with his presence, and to Jerome Kowalski who so graciously presented the speakers and made sure everything moved along smoothly. It was immensely moving to have the five elderly survivors light candles… READ MORE>>

REMINDER (and Program) for Tomorrow’s 2GNYC Event at the Museum of Jewish Heritage

REMINDER: Please join me at the 2GNYC Event at the Museum of Jewish Heritage on Monday September 2 (Labor Day). You can choose to attend any of the group meetings and lectures or view the exhibit at the museum. I will be one of the speakers at this event, the program for which is the following: More details are provided… READ MORE>>

2GNYC Event at the Museum of Jewish Heritage on Monday September 2 (Labor Day)

Presentation Date: 09/02/19
Location: Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, Edmond J. Safra Plaza, 36 Battery Place, NY, NY 10280

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Please join me at the 2GNYC Event at the Museum of Jewish Heritage on Monday September 2 (Labor Day). You can choose to attend any of the group meetings and… READ MORE>>

Transforming Our World: Moonshots

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending an unusual and inspiring event at the United Nations, hosted by NOVUS. The event, organized around the 50th celebration of the first landing on the Moon, was entitled “Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Moonshots”, and focused on the message: “Making the Impossible Possible”, the message symbolized by the Apollo 11 mission, by the… READ MORE>>

Should We Stop to Help or Should We Not Get Involved?

There is a moving story in the news today, about a man who was so despondent that he was about to end his life by jumping off a bridge. Two women who noticed him made a u-turn, stopped their car and got out to talk him off the ledge. Literally. I have just recently become a New Yorker. In my… READ MORE>>

Trauma-Informed Care for Elderly LGBTQ

Last Thursday I had the honor of participating in the program organized by Toby Weiss, Director of Cultural Sensitivity and Jewish Programming MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care, to educate and sensitize healthcare providers about the special needs of the aging LGBTQ population. This program came one week after my own presentation about the special needs of aging trauma survivors, with… READ MORE>>

Why Everyone Should Learn Mental Health First Aid

A recent article from CNN cites the findings from NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) that show that one out of five Americans adults suffers from a mental health problem, but most don’t seek help for it. Mental Health First Aid – an eight-hour workshop – hopes to allow non-mental health professionals to acquire the basic skills to recognize the… READ MORE>>

Emotional Communication and Inter-brain Synchronization: The Conversation between Dad and a Babbling Baby that Went Viral

This video on Youtube (click on the image below) of a Dad having a conversation with his not-yet verbal baby, has gone viral on social media and has melted hearts all over the world. The beauty of it is in the authenticity of the exchange, which shows an outstanding attunement on the father’s part and an equally unusual intensity of… READ MORE>>

Montreal Children of Survivors

Last week, I had a wonderful experience in Montreal, meeting many new colleagues who work at the Cummings Centre, a gorgeous, vibrant center of Jewish life, with a fantastic art program, wellness program, offering multiple social services to the Jewish community.  I was invited by Beth Finberg and Kim Morand-Zafrani to give a day workshop to the staff and the… READ MORE>>

Educating Healthcare Professionals About the Impact of Trauma on Survivors Facing the End of Life

Presentation Date: 06/19/19
Location: Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, Edmond J. Safra Plaza, 36 Battery Place, NY, NY 10280

More info

On Wednesday, June 19 I will be presenting an educational program entitled “Understanding the impact of trauma on Holocaust Survivors Facing the End of Life: Examining the Past to Improve… READ MORE>>