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New Drop-In (Free) Discussion Forum for Children of Survivors of the Holocaust

Dear friends, These are difficult times for all Jews everywhere and for those of us who are the children of survivors, there is a need for a place to speak about our experiences among ourselves. Dorot, an organization that has been established 25 years ago in NY city, has invited me and my colleague Dr. Jenni Frumer to host a… READ MORE>>

New Three Part Series for Children of Holocaust Survivors Starting This Week

Dear Friends, Previous research has shown that children of Holocaust survivors have unique vulnerabilities, as well as unique resiliencies. The recent tragic events on October 7 in Israel, the continued holding of the kidnapped Israelis in Gaza, and the wave of undisguised hate and antisemitic responses across the globe that followed it, might trigger associations to the Holocaust in the… READ MORE>>

Finding Strength Together During These Very Difficult Times: Online Gatherings for Children of Holocaust Survivors and for Healthcare Professionals

In the aftermath of the horrendous atrocities that were committed by Hamas in Israel, as the War in Gaza is taking place and worries are mounting about what the future holds, getting together with others who share the same background is helpful. For that reason, we are offering (free) online gatherings for children of Holocaust survivors and another forum for… READ MORE>>

TOMORROW: Presentation to International Group of Descendants of Survivors, “Sparks of Glory”

Presentation Date: 06/26/23
Location: Zoom

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This Monday (June 26) at 2:00pm EST I will speak via Zoom to the international group “Sparks of Glory”, an organisation which was created more than 10 years ago by… READ MORE>>

Videorecording Available of Recent Yom Hashoah Program in Hebrew for 2G and 3G Across the Globe

The challenges of the recent two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic have had a silver lining in the sense that we discovered a greater comfort in using online ways to connect with each other. The virtual technology allows us to connect with groups across the globe, who have something in common. This past Yom Ha’Shoa, I had the honor… READ MORE>>

REMINDER TOMORROW (April 28): Yom Hashoah Program in Hebrew for 2G and 3G Across the Globe

Presentation Date: 04/28/22
Location: Zoom

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Dear 2G and 3G friends! “Amcha” Tel-Aviv is offering a free virtual program on Zoom for Hebrew speaking 2G and 3G from across the globe, to come together to honor… READ MORE>>

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