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Coping with the Challenges of the COVID-19 Crisis: Focusing on the “Three C’s”

These are strange and challenging times, as the Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly transformed our lives in extreme ways. Everything that constituted the structure of our daily lives, the way things were done, is changed. Many of us don’t go outside our homes. We do our work from our personal space, using the technologies which until very recently we might have… READ MORE>>

If You Have to Apologize: How to Show You Mean It

It is strange how one can find wisdom in the most unexpected places, at the most unexpected times: I was standing in line in Costco, a place I go to for great produce at great prices, not expecting to find professional reading or life-coaching advice. On this particular day last week, the purpose of the trip was to purchase the… READ MORE>>

A Profoundly Moving Meeting of 2G in Boca Raton

This past week I had the honor of presenting once again at Rales Jewish Family Service in Boca Raton, FL. My presentations focused on the effects of trauma on survivors of the Holocaust and other survivors of trauma; the interaction of past traumatic experiences with the aging process and the impact of trauma on the relationships with healthcare providers. I… READ MORE>>

Videotape of My Presentation: Transmission of Effects Related to the Holocaust Through Three Generations

My presentation at the Museum of Jewish Heritage Speakers Bureau Gathering on November 25, 2019 was videotaped. The talk, entitled “Transmission of Effects Related to the Holocaust Through Three Generations“,  was presented to the survivors who so generously and valiantly give their time and share their painful lived experience of the Holocaust with audiences in the Museum and in other… READ MORE>>

Afterthoughts About the Documentary “Afterward”

I got back from the screening of the documentary “Afterward” with a heavy heart. Ofra Bloch, a psychoanalyst who has been living in NYC for the past 40 years, presents her documentary as a personal journey of listening to the “Other”, which I think is very important in these troubled times in Israel as well as around the world. However,… READ MORE>>

A Very Petite Giant: A Documentary About the Life of “Dr. Ruth”

Over the holiday break, I attended an event in which there was a screening of the documentary “Ask Dr. Ruth” and I had the honor of meeting again the incredible Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Dr. Ruth, at 91 years and a half, is a diminutive, energetic, intellectual, sharp force of nature. She was one of the pioneers of sex therapy in… READ MORE>>

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