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Videorecording of Program “Women in Art: Polish Jewish Women Who Fought the Nazis” is Now Available Online

On Monday March 18, I had the honor of leading a conversation over Zoom with the artist Paula Blumenfeld about her incredible series of paintings of women who were part of the resistance in the Ghettos (the link to my original blog post announcing the event is available here). Paula is a daughter of a survivor father. She shared some of her paintings out of a series of 19, which she did over a period of two years, based on the photographs of 18 women who resisted the Nazis. The stories of these inordinately courageous women have been told in a book entitled “The Light of Days” by Judy Batalion (2022). In our conversation Paula discussed the inspiration she drew from the stories of the women and the important message these stories carry for the narrative of the memory of the Holocaust. There are many untold stories of resistance and bravery, and in particular, the stories of the courage and resistance of women in the Holocaust has been less known but deserves to be highlighted.

The videorecording of the event is now available on Youtube, and can be acccessed by clicking on the image below.


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