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One Last Reminder: Your Help Requested for Our Research Study About the Responses of 2G’s and Non-Holocaust to Recent Events

Dear Friends,

I want to thank the many of you who have generously given your time and completed the online questionnaire that I will be using in a study of the responses of 2G’s and American Jewish comparison peers to the Hamas attack on October 7 and the events that have followed it. (The study was announced in my previous blog post, which can be found at this link. That post includes more details and my description of the purpose of the study.)

We are still looking for more volunteers to fill out the survey, so I want to ask any of you who have not yet done so and who might still find the time, to please help us in this study. We also need non-Holocaust related peers, so please disseminate the link to your spouses and other relatives and friends, and our gratitude will go to all of them. The link to the online study (which is completely anonymous) can be found by clicking here.

It is very hard this year to wish “chag same’ach” when there are still hostages in captivity and their families are in agony, and with so many who have lost loved ones in the attack and in the recent months of fighting. On this Passover, our Festival of Freedom, I share wishes for the release of our hostages and for all of us to be delivered from this dark time into a better future.

With warmest regards,


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