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My Post in Remembrance of Kristallnacht

A post I wrote on the occasion of the recent anniversary of Kristallnacht appeared on the blog of Yeshiva University, and can be found by clicking on the image below. Irit Felsen

Intimacy as Spiritual Practice

As Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement is upon us, we stop to take stock of our spiritual and interpersonal relationships. We acknowledge where we fell short of our ethical, emotional and relational ideals and standards, and we re-commit to strive to do better, to be our better self, to related more genuinely and more compassionately to others whose… READ MORE>>

Increased Empathy and Helping Behavior Toward the Mother in Daughters of Holocaust Survivors

A new study by Sarit Alkalay, Abraham Sagi-Schwartz and Hadas Wiseman from Israel, published in the journal “Traumatology” this past July, reports interesting findings regarding daughters of (child) Holocaust survivors. The study showed that greater factual knowledge about the mother’s Holocaust experiences was associated with elevated internal feelings of empathy towards her, and also with external empathic responses toward the… READ MORE>>

2GNYC Meeting To Be Rescheduled

Apologies that, due to unforeseen circumstances, today’s 2GNYC meeting had to be cancelled at short notice.  I will post here the new schedule, once the meeting has been rescheduled for a future date. Irit Felsen

Free Webinar Series About 2G Dealing with Loss of Their Parents

During the fall of 2018, I presented a six-part Webinar series and discussion group, entitled “Grief and Renewal After the Loss of a Holocaust Survivor“, which was sponsored by MJHS. Recordings of the six sessions are available and can be listened to online for free. More information is available by clicking on the image below, which will take you to… READ MORE>>

My Recently Published Paper on Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma

I am happy to share my most recent paper, entitled “Patient and Psychotherapist Meeting in Shared Intergenerational Transmission of Genocidal Trauma”, which has been published this past month by the journal Psychoanalysis, Self and Context in its online version and will appear in the hard copy issue in the spring. You can download a copy of the accepted version of… READ MORE>>

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