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Covid-19: Conversations with 2Gs

In the time following the shelter at home order, I was invited to present various webinars related to Covid-19, in which interactive discussions followed my lecture and made it possible for participants to share a wide range of reactions to the pandemic and to the pervasive changes it imposed on our lives. These webinars allowed groups with specific shared interests… READ MORE>>

Zoom Video Link to My Presentation at St. Peter’s Health System Now Available

On June 16, I presented remotely at the departmental Medicine Grand Rounds at St. Peter’s Healthcare System in New Brunswick, NJ.  My presentation, entitled “The Long-term Effects of Trauma on Survivors and Its Intergenerational Transmission in the Family”, was intended for their internists, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, nurses, fellows, residents, and medical students. It was a special honor… READ MORE>>

Listening to Your Inner Voice

I love my work. It is different and profoundly moving every day. Yesterday the theme of the day seemed to have been “the inner voice”. Our inner voice is sometimes hard to hear. We might have not been taught to listen to it. We might have even been taught that our inner voice is wrong, bad or stupid. But when… READ MORE>>

Black Lives Matter, and Speaking Out Against Injustice

Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) was an outspoken prominent Protestant pastor who spoke out against Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps, despite himself holding strong nationalist German sentiments, being against communism, and even sharing some antisemitic attitudes. Yet he is best remembered for this poem, which is as relevant today as ever, in which he… READ MORE>>

Video-recording of the webinar is now available : “How Descendants of Holocaust Survivors Experience the Current Pandemic”

“If you ask me how being the child of Holocaust survivors impacts my response to the current situation, I would say it helps. My standard response is, this is nothing compared to what my parents endured.” “Just before the pandemic was openly recognized, I had the feeling of a pending disaster, like I was living in Germany before Kristalnacht. Does… READ MORE>>

NYS Senate Declared May 20th As Older Adult Mental Health Awareness Day!

One of the issues I am most passionate about is older  people. I have had the great fortune of having had very special relationships with older people as I was growing up, people who gave me a lot of their time, their love, and their wisdom, at a time when my mind and my heart were so open to take… READ MORE>>

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