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Video-recording of the webinar is now available : “How Descendants of Holocaust Survivors Experience the Current Pandemic”

“If you ask me how being the child of Holocaust survivors impacts my response to the current situation, I would say it helps. My standard response is, this is nothing compared to what my parents endured.” “Just before the pandemic was openly recognized, I had the feeling of a pending disaster, like I was living in Germany before Kristalnacht. Does… READ MORE>>

NYS Senate Declared May 20th As Older Adult Mental Health Awareness Day!

One of the issues I am most passionate about is older  people. I have had the great fortune of having had very special relationships with older people as I was growing up, people who gave me a lot of their time, their love, and their wisdom, at a time when my mind and my heart were so open to take… READ MORE>>

I Am Chairing the “Elderly and Senior Population” Subgroup of the APA Covid-19 Task Force

I have joined the Covid-19 Task Force of the American Psychological Association. The initiative for the task force was Dr. Charles Figley’s, a well-known figure in the field of trauma research. The Task Force is comprised of psychologists across the USA, as well as from other countries. Dr. Figely called upon all those who attended the first meetings to come… READ MORE>>

A Video Recording of My Recent “Witness to the Witnesses” Lecture is Now Available Online

A video recording of my lecture at the Fourth Annual Holocaust Educators’ Conference, “Witness to the Witnesses”: Commemorating 75 years from Liberation (see my previous  blog post at, is now available online, as are the other presentations that took place over the course of this two-day educational conference on Feb. 16-17, 2020 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage A… READ MORE>>

Update on (and Free Reprints of) My Published Paper on My Work as a 2G Therapist with a 2G Patient

In a previous blog post, I let you know about my recently published paper, one that means a lot to me personally. In this paper, I describe my psychotherapy relationship with a son of Holocaust survivors, and the remarkable ways in which our shared legacy and the personal differences in our family background interacted to propel changes in both of… READ MORE>>

Article About Yom HaShoa Published Online by Yeshiva University

My blog post about Yom HaShoa was published today online by Yeshiva University. You can find the article by clicking on the image below. Irit Felsen

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