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Presentations by the Interdisciplinary Covid-19 Task Force of the American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association (APA) Interdisciplinary Covid-19 Task Force was created in March 2020 to address the needs of various vulnerable populations. I have been serving as the Chair of the Working Group on Older Adults and Caregivers, along with my Co-Chair, Dr. Jenni Frumer. A video was recently made of presentations by the Chairs of  the various Working Groups,… READ MORE>>

Upcoming Lecture, on Monday June 7 at 18:00 Israel time (11:00 EDT) : “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Presentation Date: 06/07/21
Location: Zoon (Israel)

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For those of you who might be interested, I will be speaking on Monday June 7 at a gathering organized by “Hamakom”, a second generation group under the auspices of… READ MORE>>

Videorecording Available – Intergenerational Trauma and Cultural Healing: A Conversation That Must Continue

Last week, I had the honor of presenting a program I created, thinking how important it is, especially in these times, to share our experiences with each other and to foster our capacity for empathy toward each other (see my earlier blog announcement about this event). I had the honor of moderating a discussion with my esteemed guests, Dr. Jessica… READ MORE>>

National Mental Health Awareness Month: Reducing Stigma is Critical for Seeking Help

This month is National Mental Health Awareness Month. It is a somber reality that many people’s lives have been impacted by depression, anxiety, or the struggles of loved ones with such painful symptoms. Living with chronic anxiety or depression can color one’s entire view of life and drain joy and pleasure from it. Depression is a potentially lethal illness, leading… READ MORE>>

Book About Child Survivors in the Early Post-War Years is Now Available

Yesterday I received by mail the freshly printed copies of the book “Starting Anew: The Rehabilitation of Child Survivors of the Holocaust in the Early Postwar Years” published by Yad Vashem. As I had explained in a previous blog post, my chapter in the book, written together with my colleague Danny Brom,  is entitled “Adaptation to Trauma, Silence, and Social Support”,… READ MORE>>

NEW! Digital Toolkit to Educate Healthcare Providers About the Unique Challenges of Holocaust Survivors and Their Families

I am deeply invested in educating healthcare professionals about the need to treat Holocaust survivors, and survivors of other traumas, at end of life with special care. It is our responsibility, as a society and as healthcare professionals, to ensure that the victims of man’s inhumanity to man will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and empathy in the last… READ MORE>>

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