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Your help requested in a new study about the reactions of 2G and Non-Holocaust related peers to recent events

Dear Friends,
I am including below a link to an online questionnaire devised by myself and my colleague Prof. Shrira from Bar-Ilan University in Israel, and am asking for your help in providing your responses.
As you know, we are going through very difficult times. The atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7, the hostages who are still in captivity, the continued war in Gaza, the reactions on university campuses, in the streets of NYC and other cities, and the general rise in antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiments, all of this has impacted Jewish people in general, and children of Holocaust survivors (2G’s) might be particularly impacted by these events.
It is important to have empirical data, which we would like to collect with a questionnaire which can be filled out online. Please help us by providing your responses to this questionnaire, which is completely anonymous and takes between 20-30 minutes. Also, feel free to disseminate this study to other Jewish people, both children of survivors, and their peers who are not children of survivors (but of European descent).

The link to the questionnaire study is available here.

With great appreciation for your time and help,


  1. Agnes Schlanger says

    I am so happy to help you with your study since listening to your lectures you had helped me a lot Please let me know if you need any more information.

    • Irit Felsen, Ph.D. says

      Dear Agnes!

      I am so deeply grateful for you response and for your willingness to assist me in this study.

      We must have empirical data to understand better the many ways in which our intergenerational transmission influences our lives. The studies are so important for this purpose.
      Thank you again!


  2. Michelle L Eli says

    Thank you

  3. jacques dov barth says

    great that you are doing this love to get the report !

    • Irit Felsen, Ph.D. says

      Hello Jacques, thank you!
      I will definitely put a summary and description of the findings on my blog once the research is done. In the meantime, should you be interested in the previous study, that looked into our responses to Covid-19 and the socio-political events of the year 2020, let me know.

  4. In some 50 essays published in Israel National News and 40 in New English Review I have been suggesting that Second Generation Jews should adopt an obligation to support Israel and prevent another Holocaust. My new book has just been released – Second Generation Radical: The World Through One Man’s Second Generation Lens. The website for the book is and the book is available through the website and will be on Amazon in one week. I shall fill out your questionaire later.

    • Irit Felsen, Ph.D. says

      Dear Howard!
      Thank you for letting me know about your book, which I will definitely get and read. And thank you for your help filling out my questionnaire. I greatly appreciate it.

  5. Helene GM says


  6. Mary Kaufman says

    Thank you for giving us a voice. Always appreciate your 2G Zoom meetings and insight.

  7. Lauren E Varod says

    Looking forward to seeing the results of this survey. My parents are both deceased. After the war, they both joined a hacharah and emigrated to Israel. Their group built a new kibbutz in Israel. About 10 years later they emigrated to the USA. I am glad they they are not around to witness the rise in antisemitism and what is going on in Israel now.

    • Irit Felsen, Ph.D. says

      Dear Lauren,

      Many of us feel the same way. I will definitely share the results of the study as soon as I have them.

      I will also soon try to post the results of the previous study, about our reactions during Covid-19 and the year 2020 in the USA.


  8. Tammy klajman says

    Always appreciate your work.
    Thank you.
    Tammy klajman

  9. Done! Thank you, Irit, for doing this study. Looking forward to see what comes out of it. I’ll forward it out to others.

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