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Update on (and Free Reprints of) My Published Paper on My Work as a 2G Therapist with a 2G Patient

In a previous blog post, I let you know about my recently published paper, one that means a lot to me personally. In this paper, I describe my psychotherapy relationship with a son of Holocaust survivors, and the remarkable ways in which our shared legacy and the personal differences in our family background interacted to propel changes in both of… READ MORE>>

A Profoundly Moving Meeting of 2G in Boca Raton

This past week I had the honor of presenting once again at Rales Jewish Family Service in Boca Raton, FL. My presentations focused on the effects of trauma on survivors of the Holocaust and other survivors of trauma; the interaction of past traumatic experiences with the aging process and the impact of trauma on the relationships with healthcare providers. I… READ MORE>>

Remembering the Liberation of Auschwitz – A “Hope Inspiring” Evening

It was an inspiring and encouraging show of the promise of a young generation, of those who will perhaps be able to rise above the current tide of divisiveness and show the way to a better future. Last Monday evening I presented a talk entitled “Intergenerational Transmission Through Three Generations” at “The Wing”,  Flatiron, NYC. The talk addressed the transmission… READ MORE>>

Videotape of My Presentation: Transmission of Effects Related to the Holocaust Through Three Generations

My presentation at the Museum of Jewish Heritage Speakers Bureau Gathering on November 25, 2019 was videotaped. The talk, entitled “Transmission of Effects Related to the Holocaust Through Three Generations“,  was presented to the survivors who so generously and valiantly give their time and share their painful lived experience of the Holocaust with audiences in the Museum and in other… READ MORE>>

Afterthoughts About the Documentary “Afterward”

I got back from the screening of the documentary “Afterward” with a heavy heart. Ofra Bloch, a psychoanalyst who has been living in NYC for the past 40 years, presents her documentary as a personal journey of listening to the “Other”, which I think is very important in these troubled times in Israel as well as around the world. However,… READ MORE>>

My Paper on My Work as a 2G Therapist with a 2G Patient

To those who expressed an interest in reading the paper I mentioned in my recent blog post about my work as a 2G therapist working with a 2G patient, you can download a copy of the accepted version of the paper by clicking on this link. This paper,  entitled “Patient and Psychotherapist Meeting in Shared Intergenerational Transmission of Genocidal Trauma”,… READ MORE>>

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