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New semester of teaching starting at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University

       I am pleased to be starting the new semester at the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University in the Bronx.  I will again be teaching a graduate course on “Couples and Family Counseling” (Course #6440).       In other Yeshiva University-related news, a blog about my recently published paper was posted by the media department on the Yeshiva University… READ MORE>>

“The Leisure Seeker” – Movies about old age. Finally.

Finally, Old Age, Dementia, Terminal Illness and Love at the Autumn of life are being portrayed in the movies. Movies are important agents of social change influencing public perceptions. Seeing our movie stars portray the trials and tribulations, but also love, romance, adventure and camaraderie, and yes, even sex in the late years of life is a relatively new and… READ MORE>>

Celebrity Reminders of Mental Anguish

Yesterday’s media headlines brought another poignant reminder that mental illness can afflict even the biggest names, with pop star Ariana Grande  opening up about her struggle with PTSD and anxiety in the aftermath of the Manchester terror attack that killed 22 people at her concert last year. Grande revealed to British Vogue that she has always struggled with anxiety, but… READ MORE>>

Audio recordings available of my ten lecture series: “Our Parents, Our Selves, Our Changing Lives”

I have posted on my Youtube channel the audio-recordings of  a ten-lectures series I gave in Brooklyn last year. The lectures were focused on enhancing the lives of children of Holocaust survivors at this chapter in their lives. Issues characteristic of growing up as a child of survivors were reviewed, including unique vulnerabilities as well as strengths, with a particular… READ MORE>>

My Paper Entitled “Parental Trauma and Adult Sibling Relationships in Holocaust Survivor Families” was Accepted for Publication in the Journal of Psychoanalytic Psychology and is now Posted Below

The paper discusses observations from encounters with adult children of Holocaust survivors suggesting accentuated differences among adult siblings in their respective roles within the family of origin, as well as in the siblings’ general adaptation styles. These dissimilarities are often accompanied by a negative quality of the relationships between the siblings and mutual resentments that can escalate to complete cutoffs…. READ MORE>>

REMINDER: TOMORROW: Helping Parents Towards Growth-Promoting Parenting: An All-Day Workshop on May 8, 2018

On Tuesday May 8, I will be giving an all-day workshop organized by the Ohel Mel and Phyllis Zachter Institute for professional training. The workshop will take place at the Kingsway Jewish Center at 2902 Kings Highway, in Brooklyn. I like to start my presentations about parenting with a quote by an unknown, that states: “The reason parenting remains an… READ MORE>>

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