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Article About Yom HaShoa Published Online by Yeshiva University

My blog post about Yom HaShoa was published today online by Yeshiva University. You can find the article by clicking on the image below. Irit Felsen

YOM HA’SHOA Starts This Evening: Remembering the Victims and Remembering Those Who Survived

These are trying times for all of us, and for survivors of the Holocaust and their descendants, there are many current reminders and triggers of trauma that reverberate and might make this time even more difficult. It is particularly important in these challenging times to remember those who survived and are still with us, to show them our care in… READ MORE>>

Enhancing Resilience During Times of Extreme Challenge – A Webinar for Mental Health Professionals

Presentation Date: 04/26/20
Location: Virtual

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On Sunday April 26 from 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm, I will be giving a webinar in the context of the OHEL Institute for Training. This educational webinar is meant… READ MORE>>

My Lecture Today: How You Can Listen To It Online Or On The Phone

Today I had the honor of giving a lecture in a series organized by Rabbi Babad and Relief Resources, immediately as the Corona Virus crisis began. The lectures, which can all be listened to online or by phone, are presented each week by a different mental health professional, and are offered to the general community, free of charge. My lecture… READ MORE>>

Celebrating Passover During the Pandemic: “From Generation to Generation: Understanding Our Legacy of Resilience”

Presentation Date: 04/06/20
Location: Teleconference

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On Monday, April 6th at 1:15 pm, I will be giving a teleconference presentation entitled “From Generation to Generation: Understanding Our Legacy of Resilience”, in which I will speak about… READ MORE>>

Coping with the Challenges of the COVID-19 Crisis: Focusing on the “Three C’s”

These are strange and challenging times, as the Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly transformed our lives in extreme ways. Everything that constituted the structure of our daily lives, the way things were done, is changed. Many of us don’t go outside our homes. We do our work from our personal space, using the technologies which until very recently we might have… READ MORE>>

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