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Upcoming Presentation at the NYC Elder Abuse Center

Presentation Date: 10/29/21
Location: Zoom

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On Friday, October 29, I will be giving a presentation to the staff of the NYC Elder Abuse Center (NYCEAC), entitled “The Risk for Dehumanization and  Non-Conscious Bias Towards Older… READ MORE>>

Online Presentation: Diversity, Disgust and Other Risk Factors for Unconscious Bias in Clinical Care of Older Patients

Presentation Date: 08/26/20
Location: Zoom

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On Wednesday August 26, I will be giving an online presentation with my colleague and friend Dr. Jenni Frumer. This online presentation was initially planned as a presentation at the… READ MORE>>

Presentation at NYU School of Medicine

Presentation Date: 12/05/19
Location: Saul Farber Auditorium, NYU School of Medicine

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On Thursday 12/5/19 I will be giving a presentation to physicians and residents of the Division of Geriatric Medicine and Palliative Care Department of Medicine, NYU School of Medicine. The… READ MORE>>

Trauma-Informed Care for Elderly LGBTQ

Last Thursday I had the honor of participating in the program organized by Toby Weiss, Director of Cultural Sensitivity and Jewish Programming MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care, to educate and sensitize healthcare providers about the special needs of the aging LGBTQ population. This program came one week after my own presentation about the special needs of aging trauma survivors, with… READ MORE>>

I Am Giving a Series of Presentations This Week in Montreal

Presentation Date: 06/05/19
Location: Montreal, Canada

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This week I will have the pleasure of flying to Montreal and meeting the staff of the Cummings Jewish Center for Seniors, an agency providing a wide range of social and… READ MORE>>

Presentation at National Institute for the Psychotherapies in NYC

Presentation Date: 10/11/18
Location: National Institute for the Psychotherapies, NYC

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I will be presenting at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies in NYC on October 11, 2018. This presentation will consider dehumanization in everyday life. The manifestations of non-conscious dehumanizing… READ MORE>>

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