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Videorecording Available of Recent Yom Hashoah Program in Hebrew for 2G and 3G Across the Globe

The challenges of the recent two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic have had a silver lining in the sense that we discovered a greater comfort in using online ways to connect with each other. The virtual technology allows us to connect with groups across the globe, who have something in common. This past Yom Ha’Shoa, I had the honor of presenting at a program organized by Amcha Tel-Aviv, which was tailored for the Hebrew speaking children of Holocaust survivors where ever they are across the globe (see my original blog posting here). The event was very moving, and was extended by a half an hour beyond the originally planned time per the request of the 240 participants, who were actively engaged an intimate discussion, despite the large number.

The large body of literature, including empirical research, anecdotal reports and autobiographies and documentaries by children of survivors, attest to the fact that there are aspects of this legacy that cannot be understood by others who do not share it. And yet, despite enormous variability in the experiences of the children of survivors, there is an unspoken, implicit understanding among all of us.

Research has shown that there is a unique benefit, especially during difficult times, for gatherings of groups who share unique vulnerabilities and interests. The gathering last Thursday offered the opportunity to safely share vulnerabilities while contemplating the inconceivable resilience of survivor parents from the perspective of our age today. As could be seen from the exchange among the participants, such gatherings provide a sense of community and a holding space and enhance re-integration of the complex legacy of the Holocaust and its impact throughout our lives.

My presentation at that event was recorded, and I am pleased to make the videorecording available at this link. (Note that the part of the event where interactive exchange among the participants took place was not recorded, to allow free and unencumbered expression among the children of survivors.)

                Irit Felsen


  1. Paul foldes says

    Is there a way to hear program in English?

  2. Agi Lukacs says

    Is your presentation possible to see with English subtitles, at some point?

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