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Today: A Very Moving All-Day 2GNYC Event for Children and Descendants of Survivors

Thank you to all who joined us for a truly moving day today at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, to the Museum Director, Jack Kliger who honored us with his presence, and to Jerome Kowalski who so graciously presented the speakers and made sure everything moved along smoothly. It was immensely moving to have the five elderly survivors light candles in the memorial ceremony, to the sound of Cantor Max Edelkopf singing the “Ani Ma’amin”. The music that accompanied the memorial service, by fellow second generation pianist Carolyn Enger and by the exquisite Jewish People’s Phiharmonic Chorus, led by the conductor Binyumen Schaechter, was both heart wrenching and up-lifting.

The program included a variety of lectures, and lively discussions among the participants. I was honored to present to the group.

Being among our kin is a uniquely healing experience for so many of us who grew up without the warmth of  the large extended families we were supposed to have. Thank you all for being part of this day.

Irit Felsen


  1. Abbe Niborski Nadel says

    You are amazing, inside and out.

  2. Ellen Bachner Greenberg says

    A pleasure working with Jerry and Pauline to make this such a meaningful day for everyone!

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