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Slides Posted from Presentation on “War-Related Traumatic Reactions in Veterans and Their Impact on Families”

Some time ago, I gave a presentation entitled

“War-Related Traumatic Reactions in Veterans and Their Impact on Families”

at a conference for an audience of directors of nursing homes and directors of social services in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The presentation focused on the impact of war trauma on veterans and their family members, especially as the veterans age and family caretakers suffer from the long-term effects of caretaker burnout, and the stress of living with a trauma-survivor parent, spouse or partner. Much of the information in the presentation is also relevant to those living with long-term effects of other traumatic experiences, and their caretakers.


A pdf version of the slides from the presentation can be downloaded here. I hope you will find it helpful, and pass it along if you know someone who might benefit from it.

Irit Felsen


  1. Arshad Mehmood says

    Indeed wonderful article .I am suffering from some kind of PTSD since last 2 years. Unluckily no body is here to take care of it .

    • Hi,
      I am sorry to hear that! If there is no one in your area that you could
      access for some help with PTSD symptoms, you can learn more about it
      and access online self-help tools on the web page of the National Center
      for PTSD Research at
      Go to the public section of it and you might find tools that work for you,
      there are also apps that can be downloaded for a smart phone.
      All the best and thank you for the comment!

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