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Presentation on Mar. 20/2016 at Ofek School in West Orange, NJ

On Sunday, March 20, I will be presenting a talk to the parents and members of the Isreaeli-American community at the Ofek School ( in JCC MetroWest, on 76 Northfield Avenue, West Orange, NJ. The presentation, which will take place between 2:15-4:00, will be in Hebrew.

The Ofek School is an integral part of the emerging Israeli community in MetroWest, NJ. The school was established by members of the community out of the need to strengthen the Hebrew language and expose their children to the Israeli culture. The school’s unique curriculum draws from Israeli culture and material that is taught in the Israeli educational system.

The talk, one out of a series of three lectures which addresses parenting and home life in dual culture families, will address the complexity of the concept of home and feelings of where does one belong. The concept of home has many meanings which change throughout life. Where we feel “at home” transforms and is re-defined throughout the various phases of life and has different meanings at different times in our personal development, and according to important transitional stages such as leaving the parents’ home, moving in with a partner, marriage, parenting, and immigration.

Our personal attitudes as immigrants, our subjective internal identity as Israelis, and the messages we transmit about these aspects at home become part of the even more complex processes forming the dual Israeli-American identity of our children who are raised in the USA.

Irit Felsen

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