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My Upcoming Presentations for Kol Israel Foundation, Cleveland OH

Presentation Date: 04/15/21
Location: Zoom (Cleveland, OH)

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On Thursday this week,  I will be giving a presentations for Kol Israel Foundation in Cleveland, OH. This is event will be the first part of two separate presentations, the second of which will take place on April 29.

In the first session I will discuss “Anxiety & Other Post-Traumatic Reactions in Holocaust Survivor Families.” The second session will focus on the relationships among adult siblings in Holocaust families, and the effects of parental trauma and inter-generational transmission on sibling relationships. This is a topic that has not been addressed almost at all in the literature about Holocaust families, nor in the more general literature about inter-generational transmission of trauma.

The presentations are via Zoom and are open to the public and free, through pre-registration is required. Registration to these events is through the website of Kol Israel, which you can reach by clicking on the image below.

                  Irit Felsen


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