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Lecture on Thurs. June 22: “Understanding the Impact of Early Trauma: Aging Holocaust Survivors Facing the End of Life”

On Thursday June 22, I will be giving a lecture in New York for community professionals and healthcare providers of the MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care, who will participate in a unique program that will educate them about the impact of the Holocaust and its aftermath on survivors and the Second Generation. My presentation will focus on the impact of earlier trauma on the way individuals experience aging, illness and helplessness as patients, as well as on the way the encounter with trauma victims impacts healthcare providers. The main learning objectives will be to allow healthcare providers to understand the interactions between trauma and aging, individual variability in responses to trauma, and the often disguised presentation of PTSD in elderly trauma survivors. The lecture will also describe the pervasive reality of dehumanization in modern medical settings, its functional and non-functional causes, and some of the ways to counter these unintentional processes, in order to prevent traumatization and re-traumatization of patients.

The event will be held at the Museum of Jewish Heritage at Battery Place on Thursday June 22, 2017 at 12:00-5:00pm. This program is made possible by AJAS, UJA Federation of NY and MJHS.

                   Irit Felsen


  1. Lynda Kraar says

    Shalom from Tel Aviv. So happy to be here. I hope you are well! Neshikot.

    Lynda Kraar, President Lynda Kraar & Associates

    U.S. Cell: 551-486-3772 Google Voice: 985-205-9632 (985-20-LYNDA) Skype: lyndakraar


  2. Leah Rocklin says

    Sorry I will not be able to attend. I Would like very much to hear this if taped or read a write up? Please advise, thank you! Leah Rocklin

    • Hi Lea,

      I will try to see what I can do about a write up or a recording to be shared. I will
      put a note about it on my blog at, you can subscribe to it and
      will receive a notification when I put new posts on there. Thank you very much for your

  3. marlene frankel says

    My 91 year old Mom died in February. As a Holocaust survivor she suffered from dementia, but in the last few months I think that ptsd played a very important factor. Medical doctors, care givers, and hospital workers did not understand how her previous trauma, Auschwitz, loosing parents, labor camps, and Bergen Belsen played into her terror screams. So very sad way to end in emotional pain.

    • Dear Marlene,

      I am so sorry and can so identify with your pain. I am sad
      to say that this is also what happened to my 92 year old mother at the
      very end of her life, when she landed in a hospital after breaking her hip.
      That is why it became so personally meaningful to me to do these educational
      programs for healthcare providers.

  4. Hanna Wechsler says

    Hi my dear pleas do not forget to put me on for next week thanks sorry I am a nudnik love you much and thank you. !!!!!

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