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Irit Felsen presenting at Project Witness in Brooklyn, Dec. 3, 2014

On Wednesday evening, December 3, Project Witness will present yet another in its series of interactive discussion groups geared for children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. Once again, Dr. Irit Felsen will be presenting and conducting the program.
This event will be held at the Boro Park Y, 4912 14th Avenue at 7:30-9:00 p.m. Admission is $18 and registration is recommended.

Project Witness is an organization dedicated to ensuring that the history of the Holocaust will be remembered and transmitted in a meaningful way. Project Witness has developed discussion groups that explore the deeper understanding of the trauma of the Holocaust and its effects on the children and grandchildren of those who survived.

The effects of the Holocaust are multi-layered, difficult to understand, and are often not easy to talk about, for survivors as well as for their children.
The traumatic experiences of the Holocaust generation have had a profound impact on subsequent generations and these experiences need a voice as well.

To fill this crucial need, Project Witness has created and sponsored” Surviving and Thriving”, an interactive discussion group of children of Holocaust survivors
who meet a few times a year to discuss challenges they face as children of Holocaust survivors.

Irit Felsen, Ph.D.,  clinical psychologist, lecturer and adjunct professor of psychology at Yeshiva University, guides the group discussions. Surviving & Thriving provides an extremely meaningful opportunity for open discussion of shared experiences.

For more information about Project Witness programs or to be added to the Project Witness email list, please call 718-305-5244 x244 or email

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