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A Symposium About Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma and Resilience in Children of Holocaust Survivors, Friday January 20/2017 in Miami

On Friday January 20, 2017, I will give a talk at a symposium focused on the issue of intergenerational transmission in children of Holocaust survivor parents. A panel of experts will discuss, each from their own field of expertise, issues related to the transmission of effects related to parental trauma, as well as transmission of strengths and resilience in the children of survivors.


The symposium will take place from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm on Friday January 20, 2017, at the Watsco Center, formerly the Bank United Center, which is located on the University of Miami Coral Gables Campus at 1245 Dauer Dr, Coral Gables, FL 33146. The event is co-sponsored by the University of Miami, Jewish Community Services of South Florida,“Next Generations”, and Miami-Dade Holocaust Survivors.

The symposium is open to psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and children of Holocaust survivors. More information, including fees and how to register, will soon be available.

Irit Felsen


  1. Bonnie Pollak says

    Dear Dr. Felsen,
    I am a child of a Survivor and I am working on my doctoral dissertation, which will concern as aspect of the transmission of intergenerational trauma. Each time you are giving a lecture, I am eager to attend, but something prevents that from happening.

    I would love to have a chance to meet you the next time you are in NYC. Do you think it would be possible?

    Thank you for all of the inspiring and educational work you have done over the years. It has enabled thousands of people world-over to understand the impact of trauma and how that trauma does not end with the victim.

    Wishing you well,
    Bonnie Pollak, JD, LMSW, PhDc
    New York

    • I am normally in the NYC area. We can definitely find a time to speak with each other.
      Are you aware of the SelfHelp conference next week in NY? I will be there. If y you wish
      to meet we could arrange for that on Thursday after the conference ends. Let me know.
      Best regards!

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