Upcoming and Recent Presentations

Presentation to Toronto Daughters of Holocaust survivors: Tomorrow at 7:30 pm via Zoom

Presentation Date: 02/11/21
Location: Zoom (Toronto)

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I am honored to be have been invited by Esther Michaels and Ellen Goldstein to speak tomorrow to the Toronto Daughters of Holocaust Survivors. The presentation will be in webinar… READ MORE>>

International Holocaust Remembrance Day: My Presentation for the Wagner College Holocaust Center

Presentation Date: 01/27/21
Location: Zoom

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I was invited by Dr. Lori Weintrob, the director of the Wagner College Holocaust Center to speak on Wednesday January 27, as  we will be commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day…. READ MORE>>

Presentations at “Impact of Trauma from Generation to Generation” Conference on Dec. 3-4

Presentation Date: 12/03/20
Location: Zoom (Minnesota)

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This week, I will have the honor of presenting a series of lectures related to the general theme of “Impact of Trauma from Generation to Generation“. My presentations will be… READ MORE>>

Live Webinar on “Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Holocaust Survivors Facing the End of Life: Examining the Past to Improve Present Care”

Presentation Date: 09/09/20
Location: Zoom

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My friend’s 90 plus year old mother was receiving hospice care in one of the only facilities in Jerusalem offering inpatient care of this kind. I went there with her,… READ MORE>>

Online Presentation: Diversity, Disgust and Other Risk Factors for Unconscious Bias in Clinical Care of Older Patients

Presentation Date: 08/26/20
Location: Zoom

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On Wednesday August 26, I will be giving an online presentation with my colleague and friend Dr. Jenni Frumer. This online presentation was initially planned as a presentation at the… READ MORE>>

Announcing a New 10-Part Webinar Series I Am Presenting for Children of Holocaust Survivors and Their Families

Presentation Date: 08/05/20
Location: Zoom

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I am very pleased and excited to announce that, beginning this week, I will be presenting a series of 10 webinars for children of Holocaust survivors and their family members…. READ MORE>>


My Approach

I regularly present in professional conferences and training workshops for mental health professionals, as well as speak to students, teachers, schools and community organizations in the USA, Canada, Israel and Europe.

As a psychotherapist and a researcher I believe in the value of a continued dialogue with others and in the importance of exchange of ideas and perspectives. Presenting at professional conferences means sharing and examining concepts and observations with others, and working towards a collectively better professional understanding of the complex issues that come up in psychotherapy.

I also feel personally and professionally very strongly that it is important to educate the public about trauma and related issues. Such topics might include inoculation against prejudice and discrimination, as in improving understanding of the conditions that safeguard against bullying and discrimination, to reduce the risk of interpersonal and inter-group trauma. Another important perspective that grew from the work with previously traumatized people is how to promote resilience and adaptive coping skills in individuals and groups.

It is equally necessary to explain and normalize the reactions to trauma and its possible long term effects, because trauma is actually not a rare occurrence. A significant percent of individuals in the USA are exposed, at some time in their lifetime, to a traumatic experience. Misunderstood post-traumatic feelings, thoughts and behaviors can complicate the recovery of individuals exposed to trauma, and complicate and damage their relationships with significant others.

As an Israeli and a daughter of Holocaust survivors, and as research has shown, I believe in the healing power of relationships to sustain people through hardship and crises, and in the power of authentic connection help individuals regain their lives and their joy.

I believe deeply and genuinely in the capacity of individuals and of groups to cope with adversity and to heal and even grow after crisis or trauma.  After twenty five years as a psychotherapist I still enjoy tremendously being part of this fascinating and inspiring process.