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Presentations by the Interdisciplinary Covid-19 Task Force of the American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association (APA) Interdisciplinary Covid-19 Task Force was created in March 2020 to address the needs of various vulnerable populations. I have been serving as the Chair of the Working Group on Older Adults and Caregivers, along with my Co-Chair, Dr. Jenni Frumer.

A video was recently made of presentations by the Chairs of  the various Working Groups, each describing what their respective groups have been doing since their inception. The video was created in preparation for the 2021 APA Convention in August, which will take place virtually this year. The video includes a short (15 minute) conversation between Dr. Frumer and myself, discussing our Working Group. Those interested in watching the video can do so by clicking on the image above (entering passcode 2bW3!E7n, if prompted to do so). Our segment begins around the 52:30 mark of the video.

                   Irit Felsen

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