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My Upcoming Presentations in Boca Raton, FL in February 2024

Presentation Date: 02/05/24
Location: Boca Raton, FL

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On Februray 5 and 6, 2024, I will be presenting two different in-person programs in Boca Raton, FL. More information about these programs is given below, and   clicking on the images below will take you to the relevant registration page. These programs are sponsored by MorseLife Next Generations, who also offer additional programs throughout the year (see for more details.)

On Monday February 5, I will be presenting a one-day in-person workshop for second generation at Congregation Bnai Tora in Boca Raton. The workshop will address the multiple facets of our intergenerational legacy: what and how particular sensitivities and vulnerabilities, but also unique strengths and resiliencies, have been transmitted in our families. How do we manage the current challenges and opportunities of this phase of our lives, what does research tell us about the third generations, and what are the valuable aspects of our legacy, which we want to transmit further to future generations.

On Tuesday Februay 6, I will be presenting an in-person workshop for professionals working with Holocaust survivors and their descendants, as well as other survivors of collective trauma. The long-term effects of surviving the Holocaust on survivors and their descendants have paved the way to research on the impact of mass trauma in other populations. Unfortunately, other groups continue to be subject to terrible experiences, and the lessons from our families might allow healthcare providers to understand their needs and respond appropriately more immediately than was the case for Holocaust survivors.

Irit Felsen




  1. Abbie Fuksman says

    Hi Irit…I wish I could be in Florida for you presentation. I have been involved in the open 2g discussions as well as the recent 3 part series. Everyone of these have been incredible for me to hear and process. My parents ( both of who were survivors) did not have an appearance of obvious trauma. As a matter of context, my father was one of the first individuals to speak about his experience as a survivor ….. in New Orleans,…and many of those lectures were to non-jews. He always believed it was important to raise Holocaust consciousness but never as a badge of sympathy, but a lesson to be taught. Your voice has opened my heart for me to ask myself…how do I synthesis and project, this all important and extremely difficult legacy. I was so looking forward to meeting you in person. I live in Atlanta but spend many months of the year in NJ. If there was anyway to schedule an appointment I’d love to know how, even through zoom. Have an amazing experience in Florida..and I’ll see you on Zoom at the next 2G gathering. All my best and sending enormous hugs for all you’ve done and are doing…Be Well

    • Irit Felsen, Ph.D. * says

      Dear Abbie!
      Thank you so much for your email! We did have a remarkable experience today, a full day that was everything I would hope it would be. Almost 70 2G interacted with each other with such enthusiasm, a thirst to hear each other’s perspectives, and many told me they created a list of contacts and plan on getting together with each other and in small groups in the future! I was very happy. I wish you could have been there. Perhaps another time.
      Please call me when you are in NJ, and i look forward to speaking with you.

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