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My Lecture Today: How You Can Listen To It Online Or On The Phone

Today I had the honor of giving a lecture in a series organized by Rabbi Babad and Relief Resources, immediately as the Corona Virus crisis began. The lectures, which can all be listened to online or by phone, are presented each week by a different mental health professional, and are offered to the general community, free of charge.

My lecture today was entitled “From Generation to Generation: Understanding Our Legacy of Resilience”, and it was aimed at those who will be celebrating the Seder Night and Passover holiday without children and grandchildren, away from family and friends, some completely alone in their homes.

To listen to the lecture online you can click on this link and then scroll down to where it says “Meeting Resources” and then press on the name of the presenter you wish to listen to. You can also access the audio using a phone by dialing 425-436-6309,  then entering the code 104411 followed by # 8.

I post below a list of resources I mentioned in the lecture, for a variety of topics touched upon, including a link to “tips for dementia caregivers” by the Alzheimer’s Association, links to some uplifting and practical guidelines for the solo Seder and those who will lead a Seder for the first time, an online survey of individual strengths and instructions for “writing to heal”, and more.

I wish us all a safe and healthy passage through this difficult time, and a Happy Passover, even if it will be very different this year. Next year in Jerusalem, as our forefathers used to end the Seder night, as an expression of hope and optimisim.

Yours warmly,



Some resources:

  • For Elderly Living At Home: givers
    • For people living with dementia, increased confusion is often the first symptom of any illness. If a person living with dementia shows rapidly increased confusion, contact your health care provider for advice.
  • How can you be kinder and more supportive to those around you, what can you do for someone else — Jeffrey Zeig,
  • Rishe Groner, for those who will be leading the Seder for the first time and for those who will be alone
    • The central Zionist Archive
  • Adaptive Coping – for example, listen to a short video by Natan Sharansky, who spent 9 years in a Soviet Prison, 405 days in solitary confinement and half of it in a punishment cell: https://com/rqqujux (United with Israel)
  • Use reliable, reputable sources for you information how to limit the risk of infection, such as:
    • CDC website, for example: “Corona virus: how to protect yourself”
    • Johns Hopkins “Coronavirus Resource Center”
  • Separate the past from present — Ezry Sonnenschein, MSW, RSW :
  • Identify character strengths
  • How to help children cope — NPR has this great little comic strip for kids about COVID-19:

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