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Holocaust survivors’ memories of the past and worries about the current political situation

Last week, the Forward published a powerful article about the reactions of aging Holocaust survivors to the refusal of Trump to acknowledge his defeat and follow proper procedure after Biden won the election. Many survivors interviewed in the piece expressed their re-awakened memories of the past, their responses throughout the past four years to the inhumane treatment of refugees, the separation of families, the placement of children in cages, and the general rhetoric that was no different from what was happening in the beginning of the Nazi era in Europe.

For survivors of the Holocaust and other immigrants who fled fascism and totalitarian regimes, the possibility of the same happening in the USA is real. They have already seen how this can happen. Most terrifying is not the phenomenon of Trump himself, but the fact that so many Americans have voted for him, after all he has done to destroy democracy over the past four years. For survivors of the Holocaust, and those related to them, there is still great anxiety about what Trump and his supporters are capable of doing, and until Biden is securely established in the White House, they will continue to feel a foreboding apprehension.

To read this profoundly moving article, click on the image below.

Irit Felsen

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