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Finding Strength Together During These Very Difficult Times: Online Gatherings for Children of Holocaust Survivors and for Healthcare Professionals

In the aftermath of the horrendous atrocities that were committed by Hamas in Israel, as the War in Gaza is taking place and worries are mounting about what the future holds, getting together with others who share the same background is helpful. For that reason, we are offering (free) online gatherings for children of Holocaust survivors and another forum for professionals serving older adults, to process the challenging emotional responses to these difficult events.

The recent catastrophic pogrom of the Hamas in Southern Israel has been the most devastating massacre of Jewish people since the Holocaust. Previous research, including my own empirical study during the Covid-19 pandemic, has shown that socio-political events that evoke associations to the Holocaust cause elevated psychological distress for children of Holocaust survivors. The recent events have had a profoundly devastating impact on Israelis and Jews, those living in Israel and elsewhere. The responses across university campuses and in the streets of many cities in the USA, Europe and the Middle East have been also traumatizing, proving our worst fears and activating Jewish intergenerational trauma as long as the history of the Jewish people. For children of Holocaust survivors, these reactions might be even more amplified due to the immediacy of the legacy of genocide in out personal history.

Please join Dr. Jenni Frumer and myself for these meetings, which are free of charge but you need to register ahead of time. These meetings are forums for conversation, sharing and discussion among people of a shared background, which has been found in previous research by others and by myself, as well as in my experience over the past 25 years, to offer important meaning and support during difficult times. There is no formal presentation planned, so you can choose to register to one or more of these meetings.

To register, click the image below. Please make sure to pay attention  to properly select your choice of either the meetings for children of Holocaust survivors, or (by scrolling down further) the meetings for professionals.

I am looking forward to being together with you,



  1. Ruth ronen says

    I’ve been waiting for you to do this group!
    Thank you

    • Irit Felsen, Ph.D. * says

      Thank you, Ruth! We were planning to offer an ongoing group, but given the uniquely distressing circumstances we are offering these stand-alone meetings to answer the urgent need we all have, for now.

  2. Rinah Judith Karson says

    2G responding: Torah Rabah for the healing offerings. Shalomshalom🇮🇱❤️🌎

  3. Sylvia Charles says

    I think children of holocaust survivors need a special forum to deal with this trauma. We are still hurting from the former one!

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