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Remembering the Liberation of Auschwitz – A “Hope Inspiring” Evening

It was an inspiring and encouraging show of the promise of a young generation, of those who will perhaps be able to rise above the current tide of divisiveness and show the way to a better future.

Last Monday evening I presented a talk entitled “Intergenerational Transmission Through Three Generations” at “The Wing”,  Flatiron, NYC. The talk addressed the transmission and transformation of effects related to the Holocaust from the first generation of survivors to the third generation, the grandchildren of survivors. The event was initiated and organized by Ariel Bielsky, the granddaughter of the famed Tuvia Bielsky of the Bielsky brothers (for those who are not familiar with the incredible story of these remarkable Jewish partisans, I highly recommend watching the movie “Defiance” which tells the story, or reading the book about them by Peter Duffy). Amanda Lanceter, Senior Manager, Education Programs at the Museum of Jewish Heritage shared her professional experiences in teaching about the Holocaust and in making sure its memory is appropriately preserved and disseminated to the 40,000 students who visit the museum each year, as well as her work developing educational programs for schools. Amanda also spoke poignantly about her personal experiences growing up as 3G.

The event, which was created around the date commemorating the 75 anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, was one of the most moving experiences I have recently had, as the room filled to its capacity with young people, mostly young women and their guests, mostly millennials, who came to listen to a lecture about the effects of the Holocaust on the Third Generation in Holocaust survivor families. About half the attendees were not descendants of Holocaust survivors, and it was heartwarming to sense their interest and compassion, especially in these days when yet another wave of antisemitism and all forms of hatred of the “Other” seem to rise and violence has reached new horrifying records in the USA.

This event was hosted by The Wing, an amazing, gorgeously done space that is the “home away from home” for women of all ages who come there to work, relax, pamper themselves, and have the opportunity to connect with each other professionally and make personal friendships.

                 Irit Felsen

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