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Videorecordings Now Available for Both Cycles of 10-Part Webinar Series I Presented in 2020-2021 for Children of Holocaust Survivors and Their Families

Many of you might recall that I gave two cycles of a series of 10 webinars for children of Holocaust survivors and their family members during 2020-2021. The series included two different live rounds of lectures, each covering ten different topics. The webinar series was sponsored by NEXT GENERATIONS in partnership with the NOW for Holocaust Survivors Initiative at MorseLife Health System, and was partially funded by the Jewish Federations of North America – Center for the Advancement of Holocaust Care. The series was organized by Dr. Jenni Frumer, Ph.D., LCSW, MSEd, Director, NOW for Holocaust Survivors, MorseLife Health System.

I am very pleased to report that the videorecordings of all 20 sessions (2 cycles X 10 webinars each) are now available on the website of Next Generations. You can find and view the recordings by clicking on the image below of the poster for the original sessions. (Note that no registration or any other steps are required to view these recordings; just click below to get to the list of videos and click directly there on any you would like to watch.)

Wishing you all a very happy Chanukah!




  1. Thank-you for this wonderful resource- I have seen some of the talks but not all and having the recordings is very important and special to me- bless you on your important service to second and third generation survivor children around the world!

  2. Cindy Stone says

    Hi Irit,

    I am a 2G survivor and friend of Ettie Zilber. Are you offering any seminars via zooming the near future? If so, I would be interested in attending. I am particularly interested in sibling relationships of 2G.

    thank you so much.
    Cindy Konichowski Stone

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