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Three Generations Speak: A Series of Podcast Interviews with Families of Holocaust Survivors

Chag Sukkot Same’ach to those who celebrate it!

I would like to share with you the project created by the students of a colleague of mine, Prof. Hadas Wiseman from Haifa University. I had the pleasure of consulting with the students, who created a series of podcasts that address intergenerational transmission and the relationships in three generations of Holocaust families. Please find these podcasts by clicking on the image below.

I am sure you will find the podcasts interesting and meaningful, and I would like to hear your responses should you wish to share them with me.

With warm regards, Irit


  1. Emanuel Saks says

    chag samaech Irit,

    Where do I begin viewing-listening to the presentations mentioned in your attachment. iDo you recommend a staring poitn or should I reandomly select a topic of interest?

    FYI// I had the pleasure co hosting you with Professor Lori Weintob at Wagner college Holocaust Center Zoom on TGT. Both my daughter Shannon and I presented on experience.

    Kol Hakovod

    Manny Saks , 2G

    • Irit Felsen, Ph.D. says

      I remember you. Thank you for reaching out to me!

      I would start watching simply from the beginning of the first one. I think the students did a great job.
      Chag Sameā€™ach! Be well!

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