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REMINDER: Yom Hashoah Presentation on Sun. Apr. 23 at Congregation Rinat Yisrael in Teaneck, NJ

At the invitation of the Adult Education Committee of Congregation Rinat Yisrael, I will be giving a presentation in commemoration of Yom Hashoah.

My presentation will begin at 8 pm on Sunday April 23 and will be entitled:

“The Effects of the Holocaust on the Children of Survivors: A Tale of Courage” 

The presentation will be at Congregation Rinat Yisrael, 389 W. Englewood Ave., in Teaneck, NJ. More information can be found online at

                  Irit Felsen


  1. Jack licht says

    Hi Irit,

    My parents were both survivors of the holocaust, and are no longer with us. I am together with my sisters , children of survivors. Just wondering if you will have a call-in number for your conference, or telecommunications via computer. I would love to attend, but am located in Toronto.

    Best regards,
    Jack Licht

    • Dear Jack,
      Thank you for the comment, I gave permission to have the presentation videotaped and placed on the Rinat Yisrael website. I am sure you can contact David Jacobowitz, who organized it, to find out when and how to view it there. I will also find out from him and post this information on my blog so you and others who wish to have access to it can do so.

      All the best and thank you for your interest,


      • Dear Jack,
        I am putting on my blog soon the link to the presentation that caught your attention,
        the one at Rinat Yisrael in Teaneck. If you would like, there are also some other
        lectures of mine on you tube, if you go there and search my name. I can also subscribe you
        to my blog, if you give me your email, and there you might find interesting the summaries of
        the meetings I have been holding for the Discussion Group of Children of Holocaust Survivors
        almost every month since last May. We are almost at the end of this ten-session lecture series,
        and if you go to my blog at and search for the posts that have the word
        ‘summary of the (first, second, etc.) meeting of the discussion group” you will find them there.

        I hope this is helpful, you can always reach me more directly through my email at

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