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Presentation on Dec. 13/2015 at Goodwin Museum and Education Center in Cherry Hill, NJ

On Sunday, Dec 13 I will be giving a lecture at the Annual Generations After Brunch at the Goodwin Museum and Education Center in Cherry Hill, NJ.

The Goodwin Museum and Education Center offers programs for students as well as teacher trainings at the center and in schools. The stated mission is “To teach people about the past and educate them for the future” through the lessons of the Holocaust, with the aim of reducing prejudice and violence against all groups. There has never been a better time to focus on these lessons and on their relevance to our culture and society in the USA and around the world.

“Generations After” is a forum established for the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors who share a unique bond with each other focused on the legacy of their parents and grandparents and the goal of preserving the history of the Holocaust and sharing its lessons to promote tolerance towards and inclusiveness.

The talk will be titled “Inheriting Historical Trauma and Resilience” and will focus on the intergenerational transmission of effects related to parental trauma as well as on the transmission of resilience, and how to amplify such adaptive capacities to enhance positive aging in the children of survivors.

Irit Felsen

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