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My Upcoming (Second) Presentation for Kol Israel Foundation, Cleveland OH

Presentation Date: 04/29/21
Location: Zoom (Cleveland, OH)

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On Thursday this week (April 29),  I will be giving another presentation for Kol Israel Foundation in Cleveland, OH. This is event will be the second part of two separate presentations.

In the first session (on April 15), I discussed “Anxiety & Other Post-Traumatic Reactions in Holocaust Survivor Families.” This week, I will be speaking about the relationships among adult siblings in Holocaust families. The observations I have made over the many years of working with families suggest that there are  unique dynamics that exacerbate problematic interactions and lead to elevated resentments and even cut-offs in relationships among siblings. I will speak about the complex effects of parental trauma on the quality of the sibling relationship.

The presentations are via Zoom and are open to the public and free, through pre-registration is required. Registration to these events is through the website of Kol Israel, which you can reach by clicking on the image below.

                  Irit Felsen



  1. I would very much like to hear Thurs lecture. Unfortunately, i have a time conflict. Is there a recording and if so, how do I access?

    • Irit Felsen, Ph.D. says

      Dear Ida,

      Thank you so much for your interest in my presentation, I believe there will be a recording, and it will be posted online. As soon as I get the link, I will post it on my blog!


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