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My Upcoming Presentations for Kol Israel Foundation, Cleveland OH

Presentation Date: 04/15/21
Location: Zoom (Cleveland, OH)

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On Thursday this week,  I will be giving a presentations for Kol Israel Foundation in Cleveland, OH. This is event will be the first part of two separate presentations, the… READ MORE>>

“Starting Anew”: My Presentation about Child Survivors THIS Sunday

Presentation Date: 04/11/21
Location: Zoom (Kansas)

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This weekend, in honor of Yom HaShoa, I was invited to give the 2021  Lindenbaum Lecture for the Lawrence Jewish Community Congregation in Lawrence, Kansas. My presentation, entitled “Starting Anew”,… READ MORE>>

Yom Ha-Shoah at Congregation Brothers-Israel in Long Branch, NJ

Presentation Date: 04/07/21
Location: Zoom

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I am honored to have been invited by Rabbi Braun to speak on Yom Ha-Shoah this year at the Brothers-Israel synagogue in Long Branch, NJ. The date is Wednesday evening… READ MORE>>

P2G SlidingDors – Voices of the Second Generation

Presentation Date: 03/21/21
Location: Zoom

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On Sunday, March 21, I will have the honor of presenting to a unique group of 2G, comprised of American, Hungarian and Israelis! The presentation was invited by my colleagues… READ MORE>>

COVID, Trauma and Building Resilience a Year Later

Presentation Date: 03/11/21
Location: Zoom

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On March 11, I will be speaking to the professional community of The East Side Council of the Aging (ESCOTA), a voluntary not-for-profit interagency interdisciplinary organization for professionals in the… READ MORE>>

Psyche and Psychoanalysis, Creativity and Culture, History and Rebuilding: An international (online) conference

Presentation Date: 03/09/21
Location: Zoom (Haifa)

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I have the honor of presenting at the upcoming conference Psyche and Psychoanalysis, Creativity and Culture, History and Rebuilding, which has an outstanding program, including an array of luminaries from… READ MORE>>

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