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Bibliography for Irit Felsen’s presentation at OHEL on Feb. 11/2015

On Wednesday February 11, 2015,  Dr. Irit Felsen, Ph.D. gave a three-hour workshop at the Mel and Phyllis Zachter Ohel Institute for training, in Brooklyn NY. Irit Felsen’s presentation, focusing on adult trauma and its impact on marital and spousal functioning in the family was followed by a presentation by Dr. David Pelcovitz,Ph.D. about the impact of trauma experienced in childhood and adolescence. Both presentations addressed treatment approaches to trauma, aimed at both reducing symptoms and promoting resilience, especially treatments that address the complex relational impact of prolonged, multiple and repeated traumatic experiences.

In response to requests from the audience, a bibliography which includes references pertaining to the material presented by Dr. Irit Felsen is provided here.


  1. Esty Moradi, LCSW says

    Thank you for your presentation at the Ohel Conference last week. It is always a pleasure to hear you speak. You spoke a lot about the importance of intimacy in the couple relationship. I was wondering if you had any information or references about how dementia effects intimacy in the couple and ways to cope. Thanks!

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