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A Monthly Group Meeting for Children of Holocaust Survivors, Starting May 10 in Boro Park

I will be leading monthly group meetings for “Second Generation”, the children of Holocaust survivors.  The group will meet at the Boro Park Y. The first meeting is scheduled for May 10, 2016 and there will be a total of ten meetings throughout the year until the end of December 2016.

The group is intended for individuals who wish to discuss issues they experience in caring
for their aging Holocaust survivor parents and also for those who no longer have parents who are alive, but wish to gather with other children of survivors for a sense of community and to discuss the unique ways that their experiences as children of survivors color other  other aspects of their own lives.

Anyone interested in attending the group can find more information in the flyer shown below.

Irit Felsen

caring for holocaust survivors flyer


  1. The group was very validating. I would like to better understand how the holocaust impacted the behaviors of our parents . What made some people seem to “come out” healthier and
    more emotionally ok, whereas others just seemed completely broken and were very difficult people to live with?

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