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Paper Published in Psychoanalytic Psychology Journal!

My Paper Published Today in the Psychology Journal Online

I am happy to share that my Paper entitled “Parental Trauma and Adult Sibling Relationships in Holocaust-Survivor Families” was published online today and the print issue will be scheduled for a later time.

The paper discusses the impact of parental trauma on the types of relationships that various children in Holocaust-survivor families developed with their parents. In addition to the naturally occurring differences among children in temperament,  aptitudes and preferences, there are also normative processes of differentiation and de-identification among siblings in any family, whereby each child tries to carve their own unique place in the relationships with parents and in the family as a system.  This paper discusses observations suggesting that the processes of differentiation among siblings are accentuated by the dynamics associated with parental trauma. The polarized differences between the life choices and personality traits of adult siblings often lead to negative feelings about each other and to a strained sibling bond.

The full paper can be accessed on my blog at the following link:




  1. Elisa Stern says

    You know that people are going to write you asking why this article wasn’t written before now, right? 🙂


    • Thank you for that! Yes, it is curious that this important aspect of family life and family relationships has not received much attention. Whenever I have addressed it in lectures,I have gotten so many responses from individuals who were shocked to hear me speak of something they thought was just a misfortune of their relationships with their sibling.

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