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Presentations at “Impact of Trauma from Generation to Generation” Conference on Dec. 3-4

Presentation Date: 12/03/20
Location: Zoom (Minnesota)

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This week, I will have the honor of presenting a series of lectures related to the general theme of “Impact of Trauma from Generation to Generation“. My presentations will be spread over two days (Thursday December 3 – Friday December 4), in an online event sponsored by the Jewish Family Service of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all meetings will be held via Zoom. Registration is open to the public, and registrants may choose to register for a single session or for multiple sessions. Professionals working with Holocaust survivors, their family members, and with other groups who have survived traumatic events, including political persecution, migration, immigration and others are also warmly invited to participate.

More information, including how to register, can be found by clicking on the image below. Please be sure to take into account that all session times are listed in the CST timezone, which is one hour earlier that EST.

Irit Felsen


  1. Celine Szoges Schwartz says

    How do we free ourselves of our personal pain to free that high energy to initiate a better world for all feeling creatures?

    • Irit Felsen, Ph.D. says

      Hi Celine,
      Thank you, I think these are indeed the most urgent questions of our time. I hope we can put our heads and hearts together and come up with some good new solutions!


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