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Meeting Hate with Humanity: A Conference for Teachers, Offered by the Museum of Jewish Heritage

Presentation Date: 07/02/20
Location: Zoom

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On July 2, I will be giving a presentation for the Museum of Jewish Heritage. The presentation is in the context of a seminar entitled “Meeting Hate with Humanity: Life During the Holocaust”, aimed at to teachers of grades 5 and up who teach social studies or English and language arts. The seminar will take place virtually this year, and registration is currently filled.


The seminar will take place between June 29 – July 2, and will include four days of lectures from scholars, testimony from Holocaust survivors, and workshops that will help teachers transfer the learning they gain to a classroom setting, whether in person or virtual. While focusing on the Holocaust, the seminar will provide teachers with an understanding of the processes of discrimination and dehumanization that culminated in the genocide of the European Jews, but are also relevant to other racial genocides, to slavery, and to the inequities and historical trauma that have found expression in the widespread protests in recent weeks.

                        Irit Felsen

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